a portrait experience [.rte-script]tailor-made[.rte-script] for you

This is not your average boudoir session.

Your portrait session is an opportunity to celebrate your individuality and express yourself with total freedom. You can be vulnerable, confident, and feel sexy, whatever that means to you.

My job is translating your essence, your soul, and your story into legacy portraits for you to enjoy every single day. You contain multitudes - and I think every facet of you should have a chance to shine.

Curious how the process works? Keep scrolling.

What I don't do

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An impersonal process full of checklists and scheduled emails
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An expectation for you to look and act a certain way to be "sexy" for your session
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A one-size-fits-all session with the same location, wardrobe, & style as everyone else

What I promise you

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Personal attention and dialogue every step of the way
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An affirming approach that considers all the nuances of your identity
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An experience completely customized with your values and your story in mind

The intimate portrait process


Discovery call

We'll explore what you want from your session, what matters most to you, and how I can best support you throughout the process.


Personalized planning

I'll create a mood board and present it to you along with location options and wardrobe suggestions based on your ideas & desires for the session.


Session day

All you have to do is show up - we'll go through the plan for your session, hit shuffle on your favorite playlist, and have fun! No need to stress about knowing what to do with your hands or how to stand - I'll guide you through every frame we capture.


Art curation

You'll see the beautiful results of your session, and I'll help you select and design tangible art with your images that will serve as a reminder of this moment for decades to come.

Have questions? I've got answers.

do you shoot digital or film?

I use a mix of digital and film, and typically shoot more film than digital. However, each session is unique, so I'll  choose the right medium to capture each moment.

how far in advance can i book?

I open up a set number of session days each quarter for clients in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. This allows us time to get to know each other and plan your location, hair & makeup, and other details.

do you travel?

Whether you're dreaming of a session a few hours from your home or a whole continent away, I would love to travel to capture your session on location.

what locations can i use for my session?

The possibilities are endless - we can shoot in your home; at a hotel or Airbnb; at a wedding venue or historic home; or even on the beach or in the woods! Whatever you're envisioning for your session, I'm here to make it happen.

can i book my own hair & makeup?

If you have a preferred hair & makeup team you'd like to use, just let me know - I'll take care of arranging the details so you don't have to stress about coordinating anything!

what if i don't want hair & makeup?

This experience is all about you -- so if you'd rather go completely au naturel for your session, you totally can.

do i have to wear lingerie?

The wardrobe for your session is completely up to you - we'll have a detailed discussion about what you're envisioning, what you're comfortable wearing, and how you want to feel.

can i bring a friend to my session?

Having one or two of your favorite people hyping you up can be a fun addition to your session. Just let me know ahead of time who will be joining you.

how do you protect my images?

I never share any photos without your consent - every photo from your session is kept private by default. You get to choose which, if any, you allow me to share. Your online gallery has strict security measures to prevent anybody from accessing your images unless you allow them.

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