Hi, I'm Krysia - film photographer, professional geek, and pop culture aficionado.

Whether in work, relationships, or art, I'm consumed by curiosity.

In college, I ping-ponged between majoring in political science, international relations, and civil engineering before settling on history -- only because I was starting my junior year and needed to pick something if I wanted to graduate on time. I've been known to accidentally waste hours going down rabbit holes on Wikipedia.

If you consider yourself an oddball, an old soul, or an explorer, we're gonna be fast friends.

I love weird, dark internet humor and I can quote pretty much every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation verbatim.

I'm comically bad at remembering names, but I make up for it by always remembering your coffee order. I've never met an exotic cheese that I didn't like. If someone says "Does anyone have a...," I'm the friend whipping out the exact thing they need from my bag. I rarely drink, but if there's an interesting sour on draft, I'll be ordering it - preferably with a side of cheese fries.

at a glance

coffee order

iced latte, oat milk, lavender


INFJ, Enneagram 4w5

dream vacation

Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and a final stop in Fiji

happiest when i'm

people-watching and enjoying a fresh croissant

go-to playlist

Fleetwood Mac, Cher, Paul Simon, & Prince

not-so-guilty pleasure

rewatching the Twilight movies

obsessive about

creating perfectly balanced charcuterie boards

next tattoo

a frog wearing a cowboy hat

lost without

my Google Calendar and my miniature tin of Maldon sea salt